Tom Ohling's greatest reward is to know that he has made a difference.
Your greatest reward for bringing a Nutrition Magician® program to your school will be the difference that is made.

The following letter and the accompanying letter from “Jim” (for privacy reasons his name has been changed) touched my heart and provide the motivation to do more.

Dear Tom:

I want to let you know how much we appreciated your visit to our school district. Your enthusiastic and fun approach to nutrition awareness was well received by both students and teachers. Because the relationship between brain function and nutrition is so important, we need to make the subject interesting. We thank you for doing that.

Enclosed is the News Review coverage. A friend of mine told me that their daughter's health class at Hucrest Elementary School read and discussed the article.

Additionally, I wanted you to know of the beneficial effect you had on your helper, Jim. I feel like I can't say enough in this regard. He has not missed a day of school since your visit two weeks ago. (Attendance has been a big problem for Jim.) He works as a dishwasher during fifth period, enjoys it and wants to do additional things in the cafeteria. Dana is giving that idea serious consideration. Jim's goal is to be a Chef so I hope we can give him the encouragement he needs to succeed.

Thank you also for the presentation of careers in food service. We were pleased with the coverage you were able to give it in such a short time period. Hopefully, this was our "jump start" toward the C.A.M. program.


— Jill Bruns, Cafeteria Supervisor, Oakland School District #1

This is the letter I recieved three days later from Jim. It brought tears to my eys and still gives me goosebumps to this day.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me at Oakland High School when you presented the nutrition program to all of the students. I also thank you for the courage you have given me. I liked helping you and maybe I can be just like you some day.

I was wondering if you can write me a letter of recommendation for the days I helped you. I don’t like talking about all business so I’m goin to ask you what you have been up too. I haven’t been up to anything lately besides experimenting all about foods + nutrition.

If you don’t mind, I would like to send you a letter monthly, or once in a while, because I would like a friend to talk to. I wish other kids working in a school cafeteria could meet a good person like you.


— Your friend Jim G.

Jim, much to his school's surprise, went on to graduate and is a practicing chef. I could not be more proud.

Recognized for excellent childhood education

Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon honors Tom Ohling for childhood education programs

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Firestone 100 national honor to Tom Ohling for service to others

Firestone 100 National Community Service Recognition

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ACF Good Guy honor to Tom Ohling nutrition educator

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American Culinary Federation President's Citation to Tom Ohling for education

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