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Why aren't the fees for Tom Ohling's Nutrition Magician® programs given on the web site?

Every single speaking engagement is unique. You are going to get a program that has been specifically customized to your needs. So, when you are quoted a fee for a Nutrition Magician® program you can be certain that you are only paying for exactly what you want. Tom doesn't average fees or base your costs on someone else's situation.

One problem when planning an event that is months or even years away is how to budget costs that might change. Tom makes it easy for you by giving you a single fee; no added expenses, no transportation costs, no per diem, no lodging costs. When Tom Ohling quotes you a fee that is the only cost you will incur. Doesn't that sound nice?

Here are some of the factors that could impact the fee:

  • Location and the amount of travel, traveling from Portland, Oregon Tom always looks for the lowest cost transportation.
  • Timing during the year, holiday and peak season travel and lodging effects costs.
  • The number of programs you need. Using multiple programs on a single day can save you big money.
  • The number of programs your organization needs throughout a year. Booking multiple dates at one time is another way to extend the value of Nutrition Magician® programs and get you the lowest costs.

One thing you can be sure of is that dollar for dollar you will get top value from a program that is designed just for you. Plus, you always get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from Nutrition Magician®. If you aren't completely satisfied by value Tom Ohling brings to your event just let Tom know and you will not pay a dime.

Is Tom Ohling really a magician?

Yes, is the simple answer. But, it is important to understand that Tom does not do regular magic shows in the traditional sense. Tom believes that there is nothing more magical than the lives that we create through a critical balance of nurture and nutrition; you truly are what you eat. So, Tom uses magic in many of his programs to help make a point and create excitement. Let's face it, learning should be fun and Tom's strategic use of magic creates the fun that makes learning the most memorable.

Tom first became interested in magic when while in 2nd Grade he recieved a Christmas gift of a magic set from his Uncle Ted. To this day he still uses two of the tricks that were in that seminal set. Subsequently, most of the magic used in his current shows was learned from books. Click here to be taken to Tom's Food For Thought bookstore where you can find some of his favorite magic books. It is a hobby that can provide fun for kids of all ages.

Magic is just another of the elements that makes his Nutrition Magician® health and wellness education programs uniquely entertaining, meaningful and memorable.

Is Tom Ohling really a chef?

Tom began his culinary training from one of the best cooks ever, his mother, Jane Ohling. From earliest memory, Tom's life was filled with good food and creative cooking. In fact, his core beliefs about the importance of the dinner table were forged nightly in his childhood home. You can read more about Tom's family kitchen in the article, Meals Share More Than Food.

After training that began in the home, Tom went on to work in, cook in and manage restaurants before he finally went to culinary school. Tom recieved his formal culinary education at Chemekata College in the Culinary Arts Program administered by Paul Scoggins and the extraordinary Chef Hugh Larkin. This program expanded and codified the years of experential learning

Many people who cook in commercial kitchens are called chef. On the other hand there are many in the food service industry who believe that the term chef should only be applied to those who have received accredidation from a professional organization such as The American Culinary Federation (ACF).

You can be called a chef but if you have not been certified by the ACF you can not use the following designations after your name:

  • CC— Certified Chef
  • CEC— Certified Executive Chef
  • CMC— Certified Master Chef

What makes chef and magician Tom Ohling qualified to speak to business leaders?

Each Nutrition Magician® business program is informed by Tom Ohling's quarter-of-a-century+ of real world business experience.

His first stab at business came while he was still in high school. By age nineteen he had (along with one of his closest friends Allen Black, currently owner operator of The Crab Pot in Lincoln City, OR) opened a record store in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Since that time Tom has worked in front-line and executive level management positions with businesses small and large. To name a few:

  • Meier & Franks Department Stores (now Macy's), Department Manager
  • JT Barringers Restaurants, Kitchen Manager
  • Sack's Front Avenue Nightclub, General Manager
  • Loaves and Fishes Centers, Inc., Community Resources Director
  • Free Clinic of Southwest Washington, Volunteer Coordinator

In addition to these positions he has volunteered as:

  • The Coalition To End Childhood Hunger, committee member
  • The World Affairs Council of Oregon, board member
  • Chemeketa Community College Hospitality Systems Management Advisory Council, member
  • The Salvation Army Greenhouse Advisory Council, member
  • CCO Chef & Child Committee, chairman
  • The Chef's de Cuisine Society of Oregon, vice-president
  • The Vancouver Skills Center Culinary Arts Program Advisory Council, member

Tom continues to be a life long business learner as he is runs the business operations of Nutrition Magician®.

Are there any recipes on the Nutrition Magician® web site?

Occasionally a recipe will be posted. But, for the most part Tom wants to give you the tools to quickly evaluate any recipe.

Tom will teach you how to make every recipe your own so you can…

  • Shop with confidence for the best ingredients at the best price.
  • Prepare your recipes in the easiest and most efficient way.
  • Eat meals that you know are providing you and your loved ones with the best of what good nutrition has to offer

May The Forks Be With You: Shopping, Cooking and Eating On The Edge is one of the Nutrition Magician® programs that will teach you how to get the most out of every recipe. To buy some of the books that form the basis for many of Tom's programs and provide the techniques that you will use forever visit the Nutrition Magician® Food For Thought bookstore and click on the Now You're Cooking section.

There are now millions of recipes available on the web. Visit The Recipe Link to access some of the best recipes available on the net.

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  • Convention
  • Banquet
  • Fair
  • Festival
  • Special Event
  • Picnic
  • Party
  • Family Night
  • Assembly
  • In-Service
  • Fund Raiser
  • Round Table

    A partial alphabetical list of those with whom Nutrition Magician® has worked:

  • ACF Chef & The Child Foundation
  • ACOSTA Food Service
  • AIPC Sales Co.(American Italian Pasta Company)
  • American Culinary Federation
  • American Indian Council
  • Assilomar Conference Center
  • Benton County Fair
  • Benton County Health Department
  • Bob's Red Mill
  • BPM Senior Living
  • Central Oregon Arts Association
  • Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon
  • Clackamas County Fair
  • Clark County Public Works
  • Coastal Marketing
  • Columbia County Fair
  • Commission For The Blind
  • Darcy’s Good Food & Drink
  • David Hanzlik & Associates
  • DeChutes County Fair
  • Doscocil
  • Food Service Specialists
  • Free Clinic of SW Washington
  • Gales Creek Camp
  • Glimcher Properties
  • Hanzlik & Associates
  • Illinois Department of Education
  • Illinois School Nutrition Association
  • In & About Magazine
  • Janus Youth Projects
  • Jefferson County Kentucky Head Start
  • John Halpern, CPA
  • Kelley-Clarke, Inc.
  • Kentucky Cabinet of Health
  • Kentucky Head Start
  • Kentucky State Fair
  • Kids Fest Chicago
  • Kikkoman
  • Linn County Fair
  • Lloyd Center Corporation
  • Loaves & Fishes Centers, Inc.
  • Marriott Food Service
  • Marriott Residence Inns
  • Michaelbook Country Club
  • Michigan Department of Education
  • Michigan Team Nutriton
  • Multnomah County Fair
  • National Psoriasis Foundation
  • Northwest Hospitality News
  • NW Natural
  • Oregon Alliance of Senior and Health Services
  • Oregon Center For Assisted Living
  • Oregon Commission For The Blind
  • Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Oregon Dietetic Association
  • Oregon Health Care Association
  • Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Oregon Parent Training
  • Oregon Restaurant Education Foundation
  • Oregon School Employees Association
  • Oregon School Food Service Association
  • Oregon State Fair
  • Oregon VISTA
  • OSFSA Conventions
  • Parent Magazine
  • Pathfinder Academy
  • Pharmacist Association of Southwest Washington
  • Portland Parent Magazine
  • Portland Rose Festival
  • Realty By Referal
  • Rolling Hills Casino, Inc.
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Salvation Army Greenhouse
  • Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
  • Spirit Mountain Gaming, Inc.
  • Stanz Food Service
  • Stewart’s Fire Fighting Catering
  • SYSCO of Pittsburgh
  • SYSCO of Portland
  • SYSCO of Sacramento
  • The Inn at Spanish Head
  • The Oregonian
  • The Salvation Army-Cascade Division
  • Uncle Ben's Foods
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • US Foodservice
  • Washington County Fair
  • Washington County Oregon Head Start
  • Washington Human Resources Council
  • Western Culinary Institute
  • Willamette Luthern Care Home
  • Willamina School District
  • Yamhill County Fair