In my time with Memorial Elementary‚s PTA we have never had a Family Night Event before or after Nutrition Magician® that was so well attended.

— Erin Bowman, PTA parent member

Nutrition Magician® makes PTA/PTO leaders look good, helps school health nurses meet their goals and gives principals the platform for nutrition education leadership.

The Magic of Health Choices: Fitness, Food & Family Fun will be memorable for years to come.

Tom Ohling, Nutrition Magician® sets the stage for fun at a school family night event

  • Students win with one of America's most fun learning experience.
  • Parents apppreciate a message they can take into their homes.
  • Teachers benefit from an improved classroom environment.
  • Nutrition Services providers like the focus on healthy choices.
  • Principals approve of a learning experience that impacts the entire school.

A great family night event is a lot more than just everyone sitting together and watching a speech. A great family night bonds students, parents and schools together in a common learning experience.

Parents and students enjoy learning together at Nutrition Magician® Family Night event

A Nutrition Magician® Family Night event involves every member of the family. Everyone from toddler to honored grandparents and more has an amazing experience and leaves with information that can change their lives.

A Nutrition Magician® Family Night has everyone learning together. This isn’t heavy handed I-told-you-so's from the adults to the children. This is a new original point of view that is inspirational and motivational for all.

Reserve your date to experience the magic.
Call 503.351.2599 or Contact Nutrition Magician® today.

When you select your date you get the Nutrition Magician® Success Kit to ensure the most value for your investment

Here is what you get…

  • Advace Success Kit — with promotional letters to parents and teachers, press release, promotional poster, pre-event check list and more
  • Complete set-up and tear-down provided (all you do is open the doors)
  • Access to handouts for every student with fun activities and valuable resource information
    The 2 DVD set of the 6 episode Magic Of Healthy Choices Television show, suitable for classroom viewing throughout the year. Put the DVD's in you library and let parents check it out for home, too.

Program Timing:

The entire program lasts between 60min. and 90min. from the time everyone is seated and Tom has been introduced.

This program is appropriate for audiences of 20 to 200 individuals.

Program Logistics:

  • The space needed for the stage set is 15ft. wide and 7ft. deep.
  • For best interaction, Tom prefers to set up on the floor rather than up on a stage.
  • The audience may be seated on the floor or at seats.
  • The best viewing for those in the first three rows in no more than 10ft to the right or left of the set.
  • Access to on 110 volt circuit is required for the PA System provided by Nutrition Magician®.
  • Access to the performance area is required 45 minutes before and after the presentation for set-up and tear-down.

Program Pricing:

The cost for the Magic of Health Choices: Fitness, Food & Family Fun assembly varies depending on a variety of factors including but not limited to…

  • Location, location, location
  • Other programs used during same time period
  • Other programs used during single school year within same district
  • Number of participants

Don't let your students miss out on the most unique nutrition education offered in America today!

Reserve your date to experience the magic.
Call 503.351.2599 or Contact Nutrition Magician® today.

    Ask which program will be perfect for your

  • Conference
  • Convention
  • Banquet
  • Fair
  • Festival
  • Special Event
  • Picnic
  • Party
  • Family Night
  • Assembly
  • In-Service
  • Fund Raiser
  • Round Table

Recognized for excellent childhood education

Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon honors Tom Ohling for childhood education programs

from Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon

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Recognized in the community

Firestone 100 national honor to Tom Ohling for service to others

Firestone 100 National Community Service Recognition

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A part of your team

ACF Good Guy honor to Tom Ohling nutrition educator

The ACF Chef & The Child Foundation Good Guy Award

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Honored for commitment to quality education

American Culinary Federation President's Citation to Tom Ohling for education

from The American Culinary Federation

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