Students, Educators, Principals and Parents agree, Nutrition Magician® assemblies produce the exciting results you want at your school.

The Magic Of Healthy Choices© is a 40-minute power-packed show staring the unbridled enthusiasm and magic of award winning Chef Tom Ohling, Nutrition Magician®.

The Right Food at The Right Time with The Right People-Nutrition Magician® logo

This magical educational event features Chef Tom’s innovative 3R’s- The Right Food at The Right Time with The Right People©.

Fun for the whole family, this all-ages performance mystifies and entertains while delivering a meaningful message of health and well being.

Perfect for school assemblies, PTA meetings, summer programs and more, this educational and entertaining performance addresses issues as current as today's headlines and valuable for a lifetime.

Chef and Magician Tom Ohling sets the stage for a Nutrition Magician® school assembly

  • How to make healthy meal choices
  • Fun activities that bring families together
  • How to get and stay fit while having fun
  • How to improve school performance

The Magic Of Healthy Choices© is built on the foundation of seminars Tom Ohling developed under a Team Nutrition Training Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture as Mission Nutrition 2001: Eat Smart, Play Hard.

Performed before 100,000’s of students this assembly is guaranteed to create magic at your school.

When you select your date you get the Nutrition Magician® Success Kit to ensure the most value for your investment

Here is what you get…

  • Advace Success Kit — with promotional letters to parents and teachers, press release, promotional poster, pre-event check list and more
  • Complete set-up and tear-down provided (all you do is open the doors)
  • Access to handouts for every student with fun activities and valuable resource information
  • students are captivated by Tom Ohling, Nutrition Magician® at a school assembly

    The 2 DVD set of the 6 episode Magic Of Healthy Choices Television show, suitable for classroom viewing throughout the year

Reserve your date to experience the magic.
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Program Timing:

The entire assembly lasts between 35min. and 45min. from the time everyone is seated and Tom has been introduced.

This program is appropriate for audiences of 20 to 800 individuals.

Program Logistics:

  • The space needed for the stage set is 15ft. wide and 7ft. deep.
  • For best interaction, Tom prefers to set up on the floor rather than up on a stage.
  • The audience may be seated on the floor or at seats.
  • The best viewing for those in the first three rows in no more than 10ft to the right or left of the set.
  • Access to on 110 volt circuit is required for the PA System provided by Nutrition Magician®.
  • Access to the performance area is required 45 minutes before and after the presentation for set-up and tear-down.

Program Pricing:

The cost for the Magic of Health Choices assembly varies depending on a variety of factors including but not limited to…

  • Location, location, location
  • Other programs used during same time period
  • Other programs used during single school year within same district

Don't let your students miss out on the most unique nutrition education offered in America today!

Reserve your date to experience the magic.
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Magical Speaking Moments —

    Ask which program will be perfect for your

  • Conference
  • Convention
  • Banquet
  • Fair
  • Festival
  • Special Event
  • Picnic
  • Party
  • Family Night
  • Assembly
  • In-Service
  • Fund Raiser
  • Round Table

To Chef Tom,

Thank you for helping make Hawthorne a positive + successful place for learning! Your nutrition program + presentation was fantastic!

—Jerry Archer, Principal, Hawthorne Elementary School

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Thank you Almighty Chef Person! I liked you alot. Very alot.

— James, 4th grade


— Tim, 3rd grade

I thought the food pyramid was neat.

— Jimmy, 5th grade

I really liked your program about eating healthy.

— Jenna, 2nd grade

Thank you again for your Mission Nutrition presentation.

The students enjoyed your assembly and brought a lot of information out of the presentation into the classrooms and back home.

— The Willamina School District Food Service Staff

Recognized for excellent childhood education

Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon honors Tom Ohling for childhood education programs

from Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon

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