Hands-on programs make the Nutrition Magician® message even more memorable and add great value to your education investment

Tom Ohling puts nutrition based health and wellness education right into students hands.

You know the impact that a hands on learning experience can make. Now imagine students involved in a project that will carry the message with them for a life time.

When Tom comes to a classroom he creates an environment of magical intensity that specifically reinforces the information learned in Nutrition Magician® assemblies, after-school programs and family night activities.

You choose which in-class learning experience will work best for your class—

The Magic of Healthy Choices©: Carving Out Fun

This class features a “Classic” culinary garnish first mentioned in Chinese literature over 2000 years ago and a staple to this very day of chefs around the world.

Each student gets a knife (plastic), an orange and a wax-paper “cutting board” to start the class.

Then, in a carefully structured step-by-step procedure they carve the humble orange into a fabulously fun parrot bird carving. They then learn how this simple garnish can be made from any rounded fruit or vegetable.

…60 first and second graders would sit quietly for 40 minutes……“Impossible!”…a week later they would all still be able to construct and label a food pyramid…“Really, really impossible”. But it happened!

Pam Bierly, 1st-2nd grade teacher, Hilda Lahti School, Astoria

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students wait patiently as Nutrition Magician Tom Ohling describes hands on project

This garnish teaches a core level technique. Tom has taught it to students from 8 years old to 80 years old and they all have a blast.

Though at first is may seem simple, students learn a skill that is used to create many of the most complicated and beautiful table decorations seen at fancy banquets and on expensive cruise ships.

Here are the skills and lessons learned during this one-of-a-kind class:

  • The importance of family dining
  • How to use a knife like a chef
  • What it means to eat-with-your-eyes first
  • How to get more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet

Over 100,000 students agree that this is one of the most memorable and fun classes they have ever experienced.

And, of course they like the healthy orange snack at the end of the session.

The Magic of Healthy Choices©: Measure Up

Using a simple piece of paper students learn about all the components of a healthy diet.

Building on a foundation of the “Food Pyramid” students learn the importance of each food group and how each contributes to building the body and brain needed to be your best.

As the class progresses students use classic oragmi techniques to craft a measuring cup that is marked with the appropriate portion sizes for each group.

Here are the skills and leassons learned during this fun class:

  • How importance of each food group
  • The proper daily portion size of-
  • Nutrition Magician Tom Ohling teaches kids of all ages that you are what you eat

  • grains
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • protein
  • dairy
  • sugars and fats
  • How to make a colapsible, portalbe measuring cup

Each student leaves the class with a working knowledge of portions sizes and a real pocket size measuring cup.

Your are eloquent and true…you are a person who’s able to ignite passion in others.

Courtney Yinger, teacher Fort Vancouver High School

Make the best of Nutrition Magician®

You increase the value of a Nutrition Magician® day at your school by giving students the opportunity for an up-close and personal experience with chef Tom Ohling.

You will be glad you choose one of the in-class programs and your students will never forget it.

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Loved by audiences

“Thanks so much for being a speaker at conference. I learned more from your class than all of the rest. ”

— Wilma Hyde, OSFSA Conference

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Honored for commitment to quality education

American Culinary Federation President's Citation to Tom Ohling for education

from The American Culinary Federation

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“Your professionalism, high energy, preparedness and content knowledge made it easy for the group to relate their experiences to your information and motivate change.”

– Scott A. Milam Manager, Clark County District NW Natural

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A part of your team

ACF Good Guy honor to Tom Ohling nutrition educator

The ACF Chef & The Child Foundation Good Guy Award

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Recognized in the community

Firestone 100 national honor to Tom Ohling for service to others

Firestone 100 National Community Service Recognition

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Recognized for excellent childhood education

Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon honors Tom Ohling for childhood education programs

from Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon

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