Discover the magic of empowered mealtimes.

“…You were a huge success at our May Conference… Your presentation was informational, motivational and entertaining. We couldn't have asked for more.”

— Valerie Bluett, Nutrition Education Coordinator, Portland Public Schools

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Nutrition Magician® health and wellness keynote speeches, seminars and workshops offer unique solutions to problems that affect your daily life.

Let Tom help you…

  • Promote the success of your schools
  • Boost your business bottom line
  • Energize your associations
  • Streamline government agencies
  • Invigorate non-profits
  • Revitalize service organizations

“No matter what it takes, get him back! This was empowering informative and motivating, not to mention practical and very relevant.”

– AmeriCorps Conference Attendee

Why is Tom Ohling confident enough to give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with every Nutrition Magician® keynote speech, educational seminar or hands-on health and wellness workshop? Because motivational speaker Tom Ohling lets 17 years of positive results do the talking.

Nutrition Magician® connects with your audience because...

  • Tom's passion is genuine, so people trust him
  • Tom's facts are sensible, so “you-can-do-it”
  • Tom's tips are timely, so you can use them today
  • Tom's tricks are entertaining, so you get to have fun
  • Tom's techniques work for everyone, so everybody gains

“Thank you for your dynamic presentation… Your talents as an educator had all of us a little envious.”

—Nancy S. Dunham, Principal, West Hills Intermediate School

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4 KEY REASONS to schedule a Nutrition Magician® education program today.

Motivational – You get presentations that make people act. Isn't that the purpose of any speech, seminar, workshop or assembly? You want the audience to take action. When Tom talks people don't just listen they get excited, get informed and get ready to change. How do we know they act? Because of the thousands of letters from participants saying what a difference Nutrition Magician® has made in their lives.

Entertaining – The best events are fun events. No matter how serious the key-note speech or important the seminar the message goes down easier when you have fun. Tom's magic, humor, true tales and pure passion transform the dry unpalatable topics of health, diet and wellness into entertaining moments of meaningful learning.

Affordable – Has there ever been a time when budgets weren't stretched tight? That is why Nutrition Magician® offers a full menu of program options that are coordinated to give the highest quality in motivational health and wellness education while ensuring full value for every budget.

Leading-edge – You and your audience get exactly want you want; education as fresh as today's headlines, as important as breakfast and as nourishing as a seven course dinner.

Unfortunately, there is only so much of Tom Ohling to go around. Don't miss your opportunity to experience the magic at your event.

Call Now 503.351.2599 or Click Here to reserve your special date

“I really appreciated working with you and will be sure to give your name to other groups that I know hold conferences.”

– Cynthia, Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities

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Add your name to the list of successful organizations who have listened to Tom Ohling speak.

You will laugh at the stories, be amazed by the magic, marvel at the logic and be absorbed in the message.

Eating well is not rocket science. You don't need to have a degree in science or home economics. You don't have to be a chef, a culinarian or a foodie. You don't need special tools. You don't need another cookbook or diet plan.

Chef Tom Ohling, Nutrition Magician® motivational speaker

Nutrition Magician® educational programs put the power of mealtimes fully under your control.

Learn mealtime magic Tricks, Tips and Techniques guaranteed to…

  • Maximize your health
  • Minimize your waistline
  • Improve your productivity
  • Deepen your relationships
  • Heighten your pleasure
  • Enrich your community

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Nutrition Magician® motivational keynote speeches, innovative seminars and dynamic work-shops and assemblies reveal tricks, tips and techniques that unlock the incredible power of mealtimes.

When you tap into this source of empowerment that delivers full servings of energy, stamina, and focus, you will never again eat a meal without understanding the power of healthy choices.

Ultimately, you gain information you can put to work today that will change your life tomorrow. It is that simple. It is that fast. You will be amazed.

“Thank you for the magnificent Mission Nutrition program, our students loved it. We heard wonderful comments from the student and parents.”

– Kathy Samsel, Principal, Memorial Elementary, McMinneville Oregon

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Schools, Kids, Parents and Teachers learn about magic mealtimes that deliver…

  • Higher test scores
  • Better attendance
  • Greater focus
  • Improved grades
  • Reduced discipline problems

Students love the fun. Teachers love the learning. Principals love the measurable outcomes. Parents love the progress. And they will love you for bringing the motivational magic of Nutrition Magician® health and wellness programs to your school.

Get the information you need now so you can experience the magic on your first choice of dates.
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“Tom’s presentation is the epitome of “good” education. He engages students’ minds…”

– Gordon Munck, Principal Pilot Rock Elementary School

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Have a question about which program is best for you? Make a selection from the menu at the left and download the information you need immediately. All presentation dates are absolutely first-come-first-serve, no exceptions. Don't hesitate. Call 503.351.2599 to make your reservation

You can join the hundreds of corporations, schools, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations who have benefited from Nutrition Magician® nationally acclaimed keynote speeches, workshops and special events.

Award-winning chef educator Tom Ohling, offers you a full menu of practical tricks, tips and techniques for attainable health and wellness at any age in any stage no matter your situation. The table is set for your success. Tom personally invites you to take a seat at a special feast guaranteed to provide you with energy, enthusiasm and stamina needed to excel in today's marketplace and nurture happiness in your busy home.

“…your enthusiasm and passion for your profession were an inspiration to the audience. I have received nothing but glowing comments on the impact that the seminars provided our customers.”

– Rod Gibino, SYSCO Brands Manager

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Businesses profit from health and wellness strategies that work wonders for leadership, team building, and the bottom line…

  • Reduce stress before it reduces your profitability
  • Increase productivity so you can better compete
  • Lower health care costs to save on the bottom line
  • Renew focus so you easily get the I's dotted and the T's crossed
  • Reduced costly absenteeism so your team can work its best
  • Enhance performance throughout your enterprise

Tom Ohling professional motivational speaker, health and wellness educator

Insure the health of your business by improving the health of your team. Tom Ohling reveals strategies that put the power over your health care costs back into your hands. There is no reason to feel helpless in the face of out-of-control health care cost increases. Nutrition Magician® health and wellness education programs are targeted to improve the bottom line.

Reserve your date to experience the magic.
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“Your professionalism, high energy, preparedness and content knowledge made it easy for the group to relate their experiences to your information and motivate change.”

– Scott A. Milam Manager, Clark County District NW Natural

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Associations get a speaker that delivers real life solutions to daily dilemmas. As an association leader you know that your members will be happy to learn..

  • How to lower health care costs for every member of your family
  • Simple tricks to save money at the grocery store while feeding your family like royalty
  • Easy tips to increase your energy and stamina so there is more you left at the end of a busy day

Nutrition Magician® programs are guaranteed to be the hit of your convention, conference, in-service or meeting. Your members will thank you for letting them experience the magic of Tom Ohling, Nutrition Magician®.

"Your seminar ... was well-received by all attendees, and indeed, the highlight of CCF events. Many comments have been received, with requests for a repeat performance."

–Pat Thibodeau, CC, Executive Director The Chef and The Child Foundation

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For over 17 years Tom Ohling, Nutrition Magician®, has been serving up motivational health and wellness education that leaves audiences amazed, sponsors gratified and event/meeting planners calling for more.

Reserve your date to experience the magic.
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“thank you… for your presentation at our 37th Annual Fall Conference… your help in making this conference a success… it has been our pleasure to work with you.”

— Barbara Campbell, Supervisor, Child Nutrition Program, Michigan Department of Education

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Let's recap. Here are 7 good reasons you can feel good about bringing Tom Ohling, Nutrition Magician® to your event

  • Over 2000 paid presentations so you know you are working with an experienced professional
  • Nationally recognized educational speaker to help you draw a crowd
  • Keynote speaker that packs a punch so you get the enthusiastic energetic response every planner wants
  • Successful school speaker and school assembly speaker so he has worked with all age groups
  • Draws media attention so you get added focus on your cause.
  • Heralded community minded volunteer so he relates to your sponsors
  • Awarded culinary educator so you can trust the information

Your choice is assured! With the Nutrition Magician® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Join with the 100's of clients who have brought Tom Ohling, into the lives of 100,000's of audience members.

It is never to soon to schedule your date.
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  • Banquet
  • Fair
  • Festival
  • Special Event
  • Picnic
  • Party
  • Family Night
  • Assembly
  • In-Service
  • Fund Raiser
  • Round Table

Loved by audiences

“Thanks so much for being a speaker at conference. I learned more from your class than all of the rest. ”

— Wilma Hyde, OSFSA Conference

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Honored for commitment to quality education

American Culinary Federation President's Citation to Tom Ohling for education

from The American Culinary Federation

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Praised by his clients

“Tom was great to work with throughout the two days. He is very flexible, positive and fun to have at school. His program is one of the best available. ”

— Candace Stephens, K-12 School Principal

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Recognized in the community

Firestone 100 national honor to Tom Ohling for service to others

Firestone 100 National Community Service Recognition

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A part of your team

ACF Good Guy honor to Tom Ohling nutrition educator

The ACF Chef & The Child Foundation Good Guy Award

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Recognized for excellent childhood education

Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon honors Tom Ohling for childhood education programs

from Chefs de Cuisine Society of Oregon

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